Introducing DroneDyno!


I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on.  DroneDyno is an automated brushless motor test stand.

I want to be able to test my motor/prop/ESC combinations and learn more about all of them – on my workbench, not in the air!


The 3D design

It uses an ESP8266 controller which is like an Arduino but with WiFi.  It has an interchangeable  motor mount, a current sensor and a load cell (scae) to measure thrust and current (amps) consumption for different throttle settings.

20161122_171510 (2).jpg

The ESP8266 controller mounted on an interface board. The USB connector is just to provide power.

The controller handles everything – it  throttles the motor up through a range of values recording thrust (in grams) and current (in amps) then uploading the results to a spreadsheet on Google Drive.


Results in a Google Drive spreadsheet

The project is still a work in progress the code is a mess but it works well.  Once it’s cleaned up I’ll post it on GitHub along with the 3D design files.